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Student Strengths Coaching

Self-awareness has the potential to shape your entire future.  A clear understanding of your own strengths and being able to recognize the strengths of those around you will prove valuable at future job interviews, social situations, and even in relationships.  As parents, we all want our child to achieve success and happiness.  Let us help your student unlock their personal and professional possibilities.  

Your student will receive a one-on-one, 90 minute coaching session to provide awareness of the student’s unique area of giftedness.  The cost of this session will include access to the StrengthsFinder assessment which will need to be completed prior to the session.  The assessment is taken online and will require approximately 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Upon registration, you will be sent a website and code to complete the assessment. Results of the StrengthFinder Assessment are very revealing about a person’s gifts, and Melanie & Brian have been studying the 34 Strengths in-depth for the past 7 years.  Your student will be guided through their gifts, what they mean, how they can be focused in potential career paths.  This can also bring clarity around future plans if there is confusion uncertainty around that.  

If your student would like to receive more in-depth strengths coaching, we also offer a 6 week strengths coaching package.  In addition to the initial 90 minute introductory session, your student will receive 5 additional one-hour coaching sessions. These sessions will focus on each of their top 5 strength themes.  Your student will have a much deeper understanding of their unique gifts and talents. 

Sessions will begin mid-June and you will be contacted upon registration to schedule.