Monday MOtivation: Your "Sweet Spot" in Life


Your “Sweet Spot” in Life

If you’ve ever watched a professional baseball player, you can tell when they hit the ball with the “sweet spot” of their bat. It’s usually a home run! For this week, we encourage you to think about this question: “what all comes together when you hit a home run in life?”

Too often we settle for “bunting” in life and miss out on our chances for a home run. Consider these 7 elements of your “sweet spot”, and think about how they factor into your success:


What makes you come alive?


What comes naturally to you? How do your gifts blend together to do things easily that would require a lot of effort from others?


What are the unique opportunities around you right now?


Every day, ask yourself, “how can I help more people today?”


What are you doing so well that people gladly pay you for it?


What do you take ownership over without prompting? For example, what projects do you look forward to leading?


What gives you a deeper sense of purpose and meaning?

What does your “sweet spot” look like right now when excitement and excellence intertwine?

Can you describe it in the language of your strengths?

What were you doing the last time you felt fully engaged?

When you stay in your comfort zone but get out of your strengths zone, you will experience frustration.

When you stay in your strengths zone but get out of your comfort zone, you will experience growth!

As Bill George says, “Your sweet spot is the intersection of your motivations and greatest strengths. When operating within your sweet spot, you will feel inspired and confident.”

How will you operate within your sweet spot this week?!?

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Melanie Massey Groves and Brian Russell with MoCo: Leadership, Strengths, & Culture Coaching

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