Mastermind Series: Leadershift

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Mastermind Series: Leadershift


Our Mastermind Series will begin SEPTEMBER 18TH and will be held every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 at Mojoy Studio, located at 106 Summer Lane in West Monroe.

Join us for a 6-week Mastermind Series on John C. Maxwell’s latest book, Leadershift. In this Leadershift Mastermind, we will participate in a group discussion around the 11 shifts John outlines in his book to help you become more innovative and influential as you lead others in today’s fast-paced world.

During this mastermind, we will discuss vitally important leader shifts including:

  • How to continually LEARN, UNLEARN, and RELEARN touchstone leadership principles.

  • How to go from PLEASING PEOPLE TO CHALLENGING PEOPLE to become a better leader and mentor.

  • How to change your focus from MAINTAINING to CREATING, unlocking the mental blocks keeping you from reaching your full potential.

  • How to move from being GOAL-ORIENTED TO GROWTH-ORIENTED while dropping bad habits, changing wrong priorities, and embracing new ways of thinking.

As certified leadership coaches with The John Maxwell Team, our exclusive materials for leading yourself better will only be shared with attendees in this group. No matter what your focus is – family, church, business, nonprofit – the leadership principles, assessments, and insights discussed in this Mastermind Series will impact your own life and the lives of those around you! 

The highlights of this Mastermind Series include:

·  Learn some of the best principles for leading yourself well in this 6 week in-depth study

·  Take advantage of opportunities to network with other business professionals in our community

·  Collaborate with a focused group of individuals who want to grow their influence in every area of life

·  Send your team members to this group and utilize this study as a way to empower your team’s growth 

·  Discover strategies to build clarity, focus, and self-awareness as a leader

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Use the code MASTERMIND to receive 20% off your registration fee if you sign up by August 21, 2019.

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